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User Agreement

User Agreement for the provision of Site services

This User agreement regulates the relationship on the Internet resource address (hereinafter referred to as "Website") between the (hereinafter called the "Contractor") and the legal or natural person using the Website to search, browse, and/or placement (the "User").

By registering on the Site or using the Site to search/view Ads, the User agrees to this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "PS") and assumes the rights and obligations specified therein related to the use of the Site.

The placement of Ads on the Site that are not aimed at carrying out business activities is free of charge, unless otherwise explicitly stated on the Site and/or in the PS and / or the Offer. In the absence of a special indication on the Site and/or in the PS and / or the Offer, the opposite is also true: a free ad submitted by the User directly indicates that it is not submitted in connection with or for the purpose of carrying out business activities. Users are obliged to use the Site's features in good faith and not to allow the placement of Ads that do not correspond to the real goals of Users. Terms used in this PS

An Internet resource is a collection of integrated software and hardware and information intended for publication on the Internet and displayed in a certain text, graphic or audio form. The Internet resource is accessible to Internet users by means of a domain name and (Uniform Resource Locator)-a unique email address that allows access to information and hardware and software complex or through the corresponding mobile application.

A website is an Internet resource that allows the User to place, search, and view Ads. All rights to the Site belong to the Contractor.

The User's personal account on the Website (the "Personal account") - interface access management placements Ad User, other services, payment, Commission of other provided on the Website of action information. The login is performed using the User's Registration Data.

Registration data – the User's identification data intended for the User's access to the personal account. The registration data consists of: login (the User's e-mail address is used as the login), password, security question, and the answer to the security question (used if the User has forgotten the password). The User can also log in via the social network Facebook, Vkontakte, Google.

Ad - an informational message of the Site User containing a product offer (including contact information, images and any related information), placed by the User on the Site, addressed to an indefinite circle of persons.

Product - any product, product, service, job offer or other offer for which the User places an Ad on the Site.

1. Subject of the Agreement

1.1 The Contractor offers its services to you on the terms and conditions that are the subject of this User Agreement.

1.2 The User Agreement may be changed by the Contractor without notice. The new version of the User Agreement comes into force from the moment of its publication on the Site, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the PS.

1.3. The current revision of this user agreement and other documents regulating the rules of use of the Site and services Site, is always on Site and available to all Users.

2. Description of services

2.1. Website is an Internet platform that allows the User shall at your own risk to place bids, addressed to an indefinite circle of persons to commit a transaction in respect of Goods to which a User is entitled to dispose of (making suggestions), and other Site users to accept or reject at its discretion and responsibility of the proposals are posted on the Website by the User, to enter into or conclude a transaction with a User who has placed an Ad on the Site. The Contractor in no way can be considered and is not the organizer of the transaction, buyer, seller, intermediary, agent or representative of any user of the Site and/or other interested person in relation to the transaction proposed/concluded between users of the Site. All transactions made by the User through the placement of an Ad on the Site between the users of the Site are concluded and executed without the direct or indirect participation of the Contractor.

2.2. The Contractor does not give the User any guarantees that any offers made to the users of the Site by placing an Ad on the Site, or using the contact information contained in the Ad, will be received and considered by other users of the Site.

2.3. The User undertakes to be careful when choosing a counterparty, and makes a decision on the transaction under his own responsibility, independently making sure that the offer contained in the Ad on the Site is valid and legitimate.

2.4. The Contractor also provides paid services through the Site, the provision of which is regulated by the public Offer -

2.5. The provision of paid services of the Site is regulated by the public Offer -, to which the User agrees when paying for paid services. Payment systems of the site Payeer, Paysera.

3. Rights and obligations of the Contractor

3.1. Rights

3.1.1 The information received on the Site is considered the property of the Contractor. The Contractor does not assume any obligations to ensure confidentiality in relation to this information, unless there is a written agreement to the contrary with the User or the relevant requirements of the current legislation.

3.1.2 The information contained on the Site may not be reproduced or used for publication without the written permission of the Contractor, unless the page containing such information explicitly states the opposite. Copying of the information contained on the Site can only be carried out by individuals for personal use.

3.1.3 Under no circumstances shall the Contractor be liable for damages, losses or expenses incurred in connection with the use of the Site or the inability to use it.

3.1.4. The Contractor has the right at any time, at its sole discretion, to conduct a random check of Ads for compliance with this PS by the User, including in automatic mode using software tools. In case of violations, including in case of receiving complaints from third parties about such violations, the Contractor has the right to determine the quality of ads, their compliance with the requirements of this PS and the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, suspend or terminate the User's access to certain services of the Site, including rejecting or blocking the Ad and/or the User's access to the personal account without notifying the User about it. By the decision of the Contractor, the blocking of Ads and / or User registration data on the Site may be temporary or permanent, depending on the volume and number of violations of this User Agreement and other rules of use of the Site established by the Contractor. If the User eliminates the violations committed, the Contractor has the right to restore the previously blocked Ad or the User's access to the personal account.

3.1.5. The Contractor has the right to unilaterally change this PS and other documents governing the terms of use of the Site and the provision of Site services. The new version of these documents comes into force from the moment of its publication on the Website, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the relevant document.

3.2 Responsibilities

Within the framework of this User Agreement, the Contractor undertakes to:

3.2.1 Provide the User with the opportunity to place Ads on the Site, search for Ads of other users located in the Site database, in accordance with the rules and restrictions established by the Contractor at this time.

3.2.2 Allow the User to manage access to their Ad and set other settings that are available to Users at a certain time through their personal account.

3.2.3 Provide the User with the opportunity to delete the Ad and / or their registration data at any time at their discretion.

3.2.4 Provide the User with the opportunity to completely delete all information posted on the Site through the personal account on the Site at any time at their discretion.

4. User's obligations during registration

Under this User Agreement, the User undertakes to:

4.1 Know and follow the Rules for Publishing Ads, which are an integral part of this PS.

4.2 Do not post information in any way, through the Site, in violation of the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and international legislation.

4.3 Do not post deliberately false information.

4.4 Do not post and/or transmit materials and/or Products using the Site, if the User does not have the appropriate rights to do so. This applies to materials protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents, as well as agreements on the non-proliferation of information, confidentiality, goods for the sale of which it is necessary to obtain appropriate permits, in the absence of such permits, and the like.

4.5 Do not violate the information security of the Site.

4.6 Do not embed executable code on the User side, any embedded objects, use frame and iframe, cascading style sheets, html code.

4.7 Do not introduce yourself in the name of someone else or on behalf of someone else (a private person or organization). Do not mislead other users and the Site administration regarding their identification in any way.

4.8 Do not destroy and / or modify any materials on the Site that the User is not the author of.

4.9 Do not use information about phone numbers, postal addresses, and email addresses for purposes other than the subject of the Site (search, viewing, and placing Ads).

4.10 Do not register using someone else's e-mail address, or an address that the User does not have the right to use.

4.11 Do not transfer the password for access to the personal account to third parties. The User is fully responsible for all damage caused to him by third parties, resulting from the User's intentional or unintentional transfer of the password from the personal account to another person. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and any use of the Site through his password.

4.12 By registering on the Site, the User agrees to receive information and advertising messages from the Contractor and its partners to the specified email address, which can be unsubscribed by clicking the "unsubscribe" button.

4.13. When visiting the Site, the User's cookies are stored in order to analyze the User's behavior on the Site, determine the User's interest and optimize the advertising campaign. A cookie is a text file sent by a web server and stored on the User's computer, used to authenticate the User, track the status of his session, and store statistics about the use of users of sites on the Internet. When visiting the Site, the User agrees to save its cookies and transfer them to third parties for the purpose of analyzing the User's behavior on the Site and receiving targeted advertising messages. The user agrees to receive targeted advertising in accordance with the processed data obtained during the analysis of his cookies. The user can opt out of storing cookies by changing the settings in the privacy / privacy / personal data settings (depending on the browser terminology) of the web browser they are using.

5. Rules for placing Ads on the Site

5.1 The responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in the Ads is borne by their submitters (users who placed the Ads). The Contractor is not obliged to perform a preliminary check of Ads placed and / or distributed by the User through the Site. The User understands and agrees that he must independently assess all risks associated with the placement, distribution and search of Ads, including the assessment of the reliability, completeness or usefulness of such.

5.2 The Contractor reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to place and/or distribute Ads to the User, as well as to remove Ads from the Site, without prior notice to the User and explaining the reasons.

5.3 The Contractor has the right to change the requirements for the content and conditions of placing Ads.

5.4 The Contractor reserves the right to edit the Ads in order to give them qualities that are convenient for the reader's perception.

5.5 The Contractor reserves the right not to enter into correspondence with the authors of the Ads.

5.6. By placing an Ad on the site containing an image (including a photo), the User grants the Performer the right to use the specified image (an open license to use the work of art), in the following ways

placement and distribution on the Internet and/or using e-mail among third parties-Internet users. The place, time, audience, sites, among which/on which the distribution/placement of these images will be carried out, is determined by the Performer independently at his own discretion. At the same time, the Contractor does not guarantee such placement and distribution, as well as the treatment of third parties-Internet users to the User on the User's Ad;

placement of the image as an advertising material of the Artist on the Internet.

The above-mentioned right of use is transferred to the Contractor by the User free of charge, without limiting the territory, from the moment the User places an Ad containing the corresponding image on the Site, for the entire duration of the exclusive right to the image, with the possibility of transferring this right to third parties. The user allows the use of images without specifying the name of the author, and also guarantees that these images do not violate the rights of third parties.

5.7 Ads are not allowed to be published on the Site:

5.7.1 The content of which violates the legislation of the Republic of Estonia (contains propaganda of violence, racial hatred, pornography, etc.).

5.7.2 The content of which violates the generally accepted norms of morality and morality.

5.7.3 Information in which contradicts the Site Policy and the Rules for placing Ads on the Site.

5.7.4. Containing an offer for a Product, for the implementation of which special permits are required, in the absence of such permits.

5.7.5. Containing an offer for a Product whose turnover is restricted or prohibited by the current Estonian legislation and / or international agreements.

6. Access to Users ' personal information

6.1 All information contained in the Ads posted by the User on the Site is publicly available, with the exception of the password for accessing the personal account and the information contained in this section. By placing Ads on the Site, the User understands that the posted information is published on the Site in the public domain, that is, it is available for review to any visitor to the Site (an unlimited number of people), located anywhere, from a device that has access to the Internet. Accordingly, the User understands and assumes all risks associated with such information, including, including but not limited to: the risk that the email address to send spam messages, the risk of getting e-mail addresses to various fraudsters, the risk of getting phone numbers for SMS spammers and/or SMS fraud and other risks arising from such posting information.

6.2 The User's access to changing the information contained in the Ad is made only on the basis of a unique username and password selected by the User when registering on the Site. The User is responsible for the security of the password.

6.3 If the access password is lost, the User has the opportunity to receive a password reminder to the email address specified during registration and log in to the personal account.

6.4 The Contractor makes every possible effort to avoid unauthorized use of the personal information of the Site users. However, the Contractor is not responsible for the possible misuse of the User's personal information, which occurred due to:

technical problems in the software, servers or computer networks that are beyond the control of the Contractor;

interruptions in the operation of the Site related to the intentional or unintentional use of the Site for other purposes by third parties,

transfer of passwords or information from the Site (including unintentional) by Users to other persons who do not have access to this information due to the terms of registration and concluded contracts with the Contractor.

6.5. The User independently and voluntarily makes a decision to provide the Contractor or place in the public domain personal and other information about himself (last name, first name, patronymic or pseudonym of the User, email address, mobile phone number, as well as any other information provided by the User when using the Site) for the purposes of executing this User Agreement.

6.6. By registering on the Site, the User agrees to the collection, processing, storage and use of the personal data entered by him (full name, phone number, e-mail, etc.). The User also agrees to the transfer of this data to a third party if the third party is a partner of and provides information systems for providing additional services to users. In this case, the transfer of data to a third party must be carried out using automation tools that ensure adequate protection of the rights of the subjects of this data, and the information system on the third party's side must have an appropriate certificate. Cross-border data transfer is possible only if the foreign country where the servers of the information system are located provides adequate protection of the rights of personal data subjects. The user can deactivate their account at any time by contacting the support service

6.7 The User's access to changing the personal information contained in the profile (Last Name, First Name, Patronymic, etc.) is made only on the basis of the unique username and password entered by the User during registration.

7. Use of Site Materials

7.1 Each user of the Site is responsible for the information posted on his behalf and for the consequences of this posting.

7.2 The Site is only a means for transmitting information and the Contractor is in no way responsible for its accuracy and relevance.

7.3 The Contractor makes every possible effort to exclude from the Site careless, inaccurate or deliberately incomplete information, but, ultimately, the responsibility for it lies with the persons who posted it.

7.4 When reprinting or otherwise using the Site materials, a link to the Site is required.

7.5 If the User saves the ad or part of the information contained in the Ad in their own database outside the Site, the User is responsible for this within the framework of the Law "On Personal Data", as the operator of personal data.

7.6 It is not allowed to use software tools (scripts, robots) to read information from the Site

7.7 The logo, name, design elements, design and general appearance of the Site are the property of the Contractor and their use is prohibited.

8. Guarantees and liability

8.1. Since the User independently, at his own discretion and beyond the control of the Contractor, places Ads on the Site that may be of an advertising nature, the User is considered an advertiser and an advertising distributor in respect of all Ads placed by him on the Site with all the ensuing consequences.

8.2. By placing Ads on the Site, the User guarantees that he has the right to sell the Products specified in the ad, including that the Product has passed mandatory certification (if this is provided for by law for this type of product). The User is solely responsible for the violation of the guarantees specified in this clause. The Contractor has the right to request from the User the supporting documents for the Product (including the declaration/certificate of conformity) specified in the relevant Ad. If the User fails to submit supporting documents for the product, the Contractor has the right to remove the relevant ad from the Site without applying any penalties to the Contractor.

8.3. The User is responsible for the compliance of the content of the Ad placed by him with the current Estonian legislation, including, but not limited to, the law "On Advertising", "On the protection of children from information that harms their health and development". In the case of submission by the Contractor of claims by third parties (including but not limited to the state authorities), as published by the User Ads and/or Product, specified in the Ad, the User shall at his own expense to settle such claim, and in the case of the above-mentioned claims from the Contractor damages to compensate the Contractor in full.

8.4. Since the identification of users of Internet sites is difficult for technical reasons, the Contractor is not responsible for the fact that the registered users are really the people they claim to be, and is not responsible for possible damage caused to the User or other persons for this reason.

8.5. Using the information from the Site, the User is aware of and accepts the risks associated with the possible inaccuracy of the information posted on the Site, as well as with the fact that some information may seem threatening, offensive, deliberately false, rude, obscene and independently decides on the possibility for himself to use the Site.

8.6. The Contractor does not guarantee that the Ads published by the User will be viewed by a certain number of users of the Site or at least one.

8.7. The Contractor does not guarantee that the software, servers and computer networks used by the Site are free from errors and computer viruses. If the use of the Site resulted in the loss of data or damage to equipment, the Contractor is not responsible for this.

8.8. The Contractor reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate the access of a User who violates this User Agreement and / or the terms of other rules for using the Site or placing Ads, both in general and in part, including to terminate or temporarily suspend the User's access to the personal account.

8.9. All disputes arising under this PS are subject to consideration in the court at the location of the Contractor in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. This agreement may not be understood as the establishment of agency relations, partnership relations, joint activity relations, personal employment relations, or any other relations between the Contractor and the User that are not expressly provided for in this agreement.


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